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Engaging Speaker • Percussive Inspirer • Education Simplifier

• Avid believer in Personal Development and Multiple Intelligences.
• 19 years in an ivory-tickling, gong-banging, table-tapping relationship with music.
• 14 years of translating music’s magic into life-changing experiences for students of the arts.
• Bachelor Degree in Music Education from the University of Redlands
• Thousands of hours spent studying, creating, experimenting, and revising percussion music, lesson plans, and approaches.
• Personally taught over two-thousand awesome students who have developed a passion for music & embraced the lessons it teaches.
• Over four-thousand beaming teachers who have shifted from feeling stuck and unsure about teaching buckets to feeling excited to show up to school to see lightbulbs turn on in their students daily.

Skye believes:

Children don’t lack capacity, only teachers.
No one is helpless.
There is always a reason to hope.
You have a special gift.
The world needs your gift.

Skye’s Bucket Drumming Story

Skye Quinman, known to many as “Coach K,” formed her first bucket drumming ensemble in 2005.  It all started when, after participating in an exceptional high school marching band and indoor drumline in Los Angeles County in California, USA, Skye’s family moved to a small, middle-of-nowhere town in Southern California.

Skye was discouraged to discover that, unlike her former school district, there was no quality music program for students under 10th grade and there was only a single remedial band class for 10th-12th grade students.  Drumming had become a life-saving escape from her troubled home-life and teenage Skye was unwilling to give it up just because it didn’t exist at her new school yet.  She took it upon herself to grow and expand the percussion program at her new school.

Skye composed and choreographed drum routines for school assemblies and taught her peers and incoming middle schoolers every chance she got.  Upon turning 18, Skye started her first business, an after school percussion program at 3 primary schools in town, with the goal of teaching the fundamentals of percussion and inspire students to raise the level of musicianship at the local high school once they got there.  This was the start of Skye’s bucket drumming and body percussion curriculum.

Skye was recruited by the University of Redlands School of Music to study music education and, halfway through earning her degree, she was approached with an opportunity to expand her percussion program to include drumline, a stomp team, and a color guard/dance team at a local middle school.  Sixty students signed up for Skye’s new 7th-8th grade program called Teen Pulse™.  They performed all throughout the community and toured local schools and their high school band and color guard experienced its 5 most successful years in decades when these students became members.

While completing her degree in music education, Skye served as the percussion instructor at various public, private, and Montessori schools and music organizations and served as a guest lecturer at the University.  After completing her degree and earning her music teaching credential, she had an opportunity to expand the program’s staff and bring 18 students together from 12 different schools to form the Teen Pulse™ Percussion Ensemble.  Skye arranged new bucket drumming pieces as well as music of the famous progressive rock bands, Rush and Dream Theater for the ensemble to perform.  Dream Theater played a video of TPPE’s performance on the big screen during intermission in their 2014 tour.

A spin-off of this ensemble rehearsed weekly on cantraptions (buckets mounted to trashcans) in Skye’s garage to become the Teen Pulse Trashers™.  They went on to perform for over 60,000 people at all over Southern California.

Skye scaled down her program when her wife was hired to revamp and expand the music program at a middle school near Palm Springs, CA.  Skye taught the drumline at percussion ensemble at her wife’s school as well as an after school bucket drumming class for the school district.  It was for this class that she posted the instructional video on YouTube to help her students practice a piece called “Yuck” at home.

Skye was shocked when her email inbox was suddenly inundated with emails from teachers and drummers from all over asking for more info about Yuck and if she had more music.  Skye then created and posted a few of the stacks upon stacks of lessons, sheet music, and other resources she had created over the years.  She Skyped with students from all over the world and was having a great time.

Before she could get all of her materials on her website, Skye became very ill with autoimmune issues that Western doctors couldn’t figure out.  One time, she passed out from pain while walking to her classroom at school which resulted in an ambulance ride to her 5th emergency room visit in 2 weeks.  This was the beginning of a challenging-but-beautiful 1+ year journey back to health.

Upon regaining health, Skye was asked to take over the elementary band program in the same town her wife was currently directing an intense middle school band program.  She spent 10 months revamping the program, implementing her curriculum and instituting her recruiting and retention techniques, nearly tripling it in size, then handed it over to a trusted colleague she attended university with.

As of December 2016, Skye is healthy and has time to devote daily attention to serving teachers and facilitators of bucket drumming ensembles world-wide.  In addition to Skye, now has a Director of Operations and Administrative Assistant so that you can receive the best support possible!  Skye and the new BD101 team are excited to be a part of your journey and send you endless gratitude for your efforts to inspire and empower the next generation of to love music, work hard, and become the best versions of themselves so we can ALL have a brighter tomorrow!