Yuck is the Most-Played Bucket Drumming Piece in the world (and on YouTube)!  Yuck has been played by over 4 million students in 33 countries and has been professionally recorded for the use in commercial soundtracks.  It's a big hit – I'm sure you'll love it, too!


Yuck can be played as a 1 or 2 part piece.

Each part can stand on its own, or they can be played together in any combination (the group does not need to be split evenly to do this).


Part 1: (easy)  for beginning-level or struggling players

A simple groove repeated throughout the piece on "bass" trash cans or buckets.


Part 2: (medium-easy) for players who are up for an extra challenge

Includes 3 sections that get progressively harder for buckets.


If played with 2 parts, everyone comes together in the end for an intense, 4-measure "call-and-response" grand finale.


These two levels of music allow students to feel successful at the level they're at, alleviating boredom for the kids who catch on quickly and overwhelm for beginners.  Of course, never tell them which part is easier – I suggest making both groups (especially the bass can group) feel extra-special that their part is super important.


Yuck is really flexible + there are a myriad of variations... splitting rhythms, visuals, stick clicks, changing groove patterns, and more.  Depending on how advanced your more advanced students are, I've made multiple variations of the bucket part over the years.  Try them all out and pick the one that suits your group best – or make up your own variation!


For your Program Notes + YouTube Descriptions:

Written by Skye "Coach K" Starhawk, born 1987.

Yuck was written in 2004.


Learn Yuck from Coach K HERE!

Yuck - for Beginning Buckets

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    3 pages of sheet music including multiple variation options for a fun performance that meets the unique skill level of your students.

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    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Eustacia L, Maine, USA

    "Just did this with my 7th grade music class. They loved it and were able to catch on pretty quick. Thanks for the lesson!"


    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Diane C, Mississippi, USA

    "This was awesome! I love the way you break it down. Much more teachable! Thanks!!"


    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Jennifer E, Arizona, USA

    "We have been working on Yuck for two weeks, and they are eating it up!!! My whole school is drumming! I love it!"


    It's respectful, honoring (and actually legally mandated) to include the composer's information in Performance Programs and/or YouTube video descriptions:


    Skye Starhawk, born 1987
    Hey! was composed in 2014